The Expanse Finale’s Huge Easter Egg Explained: Every Sci-Fi Character Made Canon The Expanse

hid a major Easter egg in its finale series that officially introduces a selection of legendary sci-fi figures to the show’s canon. The Expanse series finale included a massive EasterStretch Significant
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substantial egg hidden behind-the-scenes of the episode, making a variety of legendary sci-fi personalities canon. The highly-anticipated climax went down the unanticipated plot twist of adding the beloved personalities to the team of the Rocinante’s mangy team of commandos, as a result implying a few of sci-fi’s greatest heroes currently exist in the show’s world. At afterward, this would certainly appear deeply misplaced, yet with it being the series ending, it was an enjoyable thing to accept.

The Expanse period 6 ending “Babylon’s Ashes” finishes one of one of the most preferred shows of recent years in the sci-fi category. Following its first termination after 3 seasons on Syfy, the series was given new gottenlife after being picked up by Amazon for an additional 3 seasons, much to the delight of its audience. The Expanse period 6, however, finishes with the sixth publication in the nine-book collection, possibly leaving the door open for future program developments such as future bad guys like Laconia’s gods.

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